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    What is " Multi-spectral camouflage " ?

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    Multi-spectral camouflage is the use of counter-surveillance techniques to conceal objects from detection across several parts of the electromagnetic spectrum at the same time. While traditional military camouflage attempts to hide an object in the visible spectrum, multi-spectral camouflage also tries to simultaneously hide objects from detection methods such as infrared, radar, and millimetre-wave radar imaging.


    Among animals, both insects such as the eyed hawk-moth, and vertebrates such as tree frogs possess camouflage that works in the infra-red as well as in the visible spectrum.

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    What does signature mean?

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    Generally, an object’s characteristic signature is understood as a set of data that enables clear detection and/or identification of the object. For example it is possible to determine from the signature whether the object in question is an ordinary vehicle or an armoured car. In addition it is also possible to identify the type of object, e.g. the type of vehicle or armoured car. In the five spectral ranges mentioned earlier, i.e. VIS, NIR, MIR, SWIR and RADAR, the characteristic signature consists of different measured variables:

    • in the visual range: colours and shape of the object
    • in near and shortwave infrared: spectral reflectivity and shape
    • in the thermal infrared: characteristic shape and arrangement of warm or hot parts of the object
    • in the radar range: the characteristic spatial or angular distribution of the reflected radar signal
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    Types of camouflage:

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    1. Ultraviolet (250nm to 380nm)
    2. Visual (380nm to 700nm)
    3. Near Infrared (700nm to 1200nm)
    4. Short Wave Infrared ( 1200nm to 2500nm)
    5. Middle Infrared ( 3000nm to 5000nm)
    6. Far Infrared (8000nm to 14000nm)
    7. Microwaves (1Ghz to 100Ghz)     


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    Anti Visual Camouflage Nets
    Anti Near-Infrared (NIR) Camouflage Nets
    Anti Thermal-Infrared (TIR) Camouflage Nets
    Anti Radar Multispectral Camouflage Nets
    Anti Infrared & thermal infrared ghillie suits
    Anti Near Infrared (NIR) farbic
    Multi-spectral camouflage fabric etc.

  • Some Knowledge About Camouflage Net

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    In the course of trade, we often encounter situations like this. For example, a customer holding a photo of a camouflage net wants us to make a quote, but in fact, this way of quoting is wrong and the price is often invalid. Yes, for suppliers, frankly speaking, this is a waste of time and energy...
    As you know, camouflage nets are mainly divided into military and civilian in the process of practical application. Regarding military camouflage netting, most of them have higher special requirements in terms of fabric function, net outline material, wrapping material and so on. The civilian...