Multispectral camo netting factory / camo netting manufacturer in China / Avatar Outdoor

    WHO WE ARE ?

    Avatar Outdoor has more than 15 years of experience in the supplying of military camo nettings to abroad. Our factory has been engaged in the research,development and production of military stealth materials since 2002, and it has established a professional research and development team that has won several patents and technological progress awards in the field of military stealth technology. Our factory has obtained IS090001 certification in the design, production and service of camouflage nets, and has been awarded several patents and scientific and technological progress awards.


    Avatar Outdoor company has a R&D and production base in China, with 3000㎡ of workshop and all kinds of professional laboratories, garden-like environment, open research and development. In the R&D and production bases, we have established optical, infrared and radar comprehensive testing laboratories, as well as various testing methods such as coating trial, coating production, laser cutting, screen printing, etc., and have made significant breakthroughs in military stealth technology. The new camouflage nets developed independently have multi-dimensional, three-dimensional and full-spectrum high-tech characteristics to meet the stealth protection requirements of information warfare.


    Avatar Outdoor's products have been sold to many countries in the world, especially the targeted development of UV protection, high strength, modular desert camouflage net modules in the Middle East countries, and to gain a strong product competitiveness, for many years to win the bid and complete the export task.