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As you know, camouflage nets are mainly divided into military and civilian in the process of practical application. Regarding military camouflage netting, most of them have higher special requirements in terms of fabric function, net outline material, wrapping material and so on. The civilian camouflage net, mainly in the color richness, price, customers will have more attention.  We have seen a lot of Amazon buyers feedback on the use of products, usually for civilian camouflage net, in the actual use of the process, some customers will feedback on the product's sunlight color fastness is not good, tear strength is not good, fabric rustling and other issues. In fact, such a problem will arise, mainly because when customers choose the products, they did not take into account the camo net’s cost & performance rate, in order to choose low-cost products, they ignore the quality of the product will affect the good’s service life.

 Then, we can talk about how to choose high-quality, cost-effective camouflage net from the perspective of the fabric. According to the cloth material classification words, there will be roughly: polyester filament, elastic silk cloth, taffeta, polyester, spring spinning and other such common fabrics. And what decide the quality of the fabric is mainly two aspects: one is the fiber filament thickness, the other is the density of the textile. And what decide the quality of the fabric is mainly two aspects as well: one is the fiber yarnthickness, the other is the density of the textile. With these two aspects it will give strict data to ensure the quality of the fabric. I often see friends discussing the specifications of the fabric of camouflage net. People sometimes say that 300D fabric is stronger than 210D, 210T fabric is better than 190T, etc.. These terms are classified from the fiber filament, for example, there are 150D, 210D, 300D, 420D, etc., speaking of the thickness of the fiber. d is denier, D = g / L × 9000, where g is the weight of the silk thread (grams), Lis the length of the silk thread (meters), in fact, you do not need to remember what the formula, it actually expresses the weight of the silk thread within the unit length, the larger the number before D indicates that in the same area of the fabric it is a little heavier. The meaning of T in the fabric is how many yarns in the fabric per unit area, actually a density unit, the greater the number of T, the more yarns in the unit area, for example, 150T, 170T, 190T, 210T, 230T, 260T, 290T, 300T, etc. Most of the polyester taffeta is expressed in T, polyester taffeta is a kind of nylon, imitation silk fabric, generally used as the outer and inner tent of the tent, light and strong, for example, polyester taffeta is a kind of nylon, imitation silk fabric, generally used as a tent. Inner tent, light and strong, for example, 190T, the number in front of the 1 inch (2.545CM) and the number of warp and weft yarn. You can also simply think that the larger the number before the T, then the same area of the fabric is heavier.

So many 150D fabrics on the market often pretend to be 210D camouflage net fabrics. Through the way of coating to change the thickness of the fabric, while the 150D camouflage net fabric will also be hardened, people who don’t know about this will think that touching the fabric feels thicker thought it is 210D or higher specifications of the fabric. In fact, coating hardened camouflage net fabric because in theprocess of high temperature setting the fiber silk becomes very fragile, camouflage net’s aging is particularly fast, camouflage net life is greatly shortened.

Because the camouflage net is basically used at outdoor and most of time in wind,sun and rain, good quality camo net’s fabric can be used for at least 2, 3 years, while that kind of hardened camouflage net can be used only at most 3, 4 months of time, it can be said to be a disposable product, the cost performance is extremely low. So when you can't identify the fabric specifications of the camouflage net, remember not to buy the kind of camouflage net with hard shaking and clattering.

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