What affects the price of camouflage nets?

Wish you can find a good camouflage net supplier.

In the course of trade, we often encounter situations like this. For example, a customer holding a photo of a camouflage net wants us to make a quote, but in fact, this way of quoting is wrong and the price is often invalid. Yes, for suppliers, frankly speaking, this is a waste of time and energy. 

The structure of the camouflage net seems very simple, such as this: a piece of cut fabric, a supporting net on the back, a clip that connects the cloth to the net, a drawstring for tying, and a thread for sewing, and the hemming of the camouflage net.  

All this seems simple, right? But when we break down and look at it:

1. Camouflage net cut fabric: What is the composition of the cut fabric? What is the weight of the fabric? What is the printing method of cut flower fabrics (different printing methods have different prices)? What is the coating treatment method of the cut flower method (this will affect the color fastness and tear strength of the camouflage net)? Does the cut fabric have any specific camouflage functional coatings (different functional coatings have different prices)? 

2. The back support system of the camouflage net: what is the material of the net? What is the size of the mesh grid? What is the thickness of the mesh? Is there any requirement for the withstand strength of the mesh? 

3. The clip of the camouflage net: What is the material of the clip? How many mesh grids need a clip? 

4. Drawing rope for camouflage net: Is there a requirement for the thickness and diameter of the rope? Are there requirements for the tensile strength of the drawstring? Is there a requirement for color and material? 

5. What kind of thread is used for sewing thread? Is there a requirement for the stitching method of the camouflage net wrapping?

6.The hemming method of the camouflage net. For example, is it to fix the cut cloth directly with a drawstring and make the edge directly? Or is it to leave some edge space of the cut fabric of the camouflage net then fold it and stitch it to be the edging ? Or take a piece of single cloth then for edging, but in single-layer edging or double-layer edging?  

7. The size of the camouflage net also affects the price. For example, the normal width of the fabric is 1.5 meters wide. When a customer requires a net size of 2.5 meters X 5 meters, then two pieces of fabric need to be sewn together or connected with a fixing clip to make the width become 2.5 meters, however, this will produce 0.5 meters of fabric loss.  

There are many details like this in the actual production process, they are all factors that can affect the price of the camouflage net. 

The camouflage net seems to be a very simple product, but the price difference is also very big, the reason is that every subtle point, every manufacturer's plan is different. Therefore, it is more difficult for the supplier to just look at the picture then make quotation. So when you need the price of a camouflage net, try to provide the supplier with a specification requirement, or refer to the original sample, and then get a relatively accurate price, and then compare the price and samples. This operation method is good for both parties. Only then can there be a substantial push. Or  it is also possible to provide a target price for the factory and let them to provide you the corresponding solution. 

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